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Study or else
I don't know why I just don't shoot them all and go melt in peace

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I can’t even believe last night, so wild, so crazy and so perfect and perfectly regrettable all at once. I did things I never do and they felt so wonderful. Roy managed to surprise me in so many ways. I already knew he was smart and charming but there are far more layers to him than that, things he has been very good in keeping secret. He is kind and big hearted. Not that he doesn’t have his faults. He can be a bit of a brat, especially where a certain student is concerned (I think they enjoy being brats to each other)

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As for some of the other things I saw, I don’t feel the least bit secure in putting it online locked or otherwise but just let me say, ‘wow.’ And the other wow, you know who is really hot. I want to get to know him much better.

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I actually agreed to go out with Roy Mustang. I'm not even sure why I said yes. He's attractive enough, of course, but at work, he is so infuriating. I think I said yes just to shut him up. I never expected to have a good time.

But I did. A very good time. I enjoyed talking to him in the coffee house. It seems we both like music and we're supposed to be going back to hear some. In fact I think I've agreed to several more dates (more evidence for the losing of the mind), Music at the coffeehouse, going to the lake, going to the bar, getting a puppy.

Yes, somehow he talked me into get a dog. Well I've been thinking about that for a while now myself - still say he looks like a cat person - but never thought I had time. Must check into school policy about bringing a pet to school. Maybe if I say we're doing students on operant conditioning and physiology... Anyhow we went and got some stuff. Probably the next date will be looking for a puppy. We even got some flowers. He grows roses. Who knew?

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I wonder how long it will take to get all over campus that I was seen out with him?

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I should have known not to engage him directly. He has a way of talking people into things, just look at Elric. Now I've agreed to go on a date with the infuriating creature. Nothing good can come of this, I just know it. Sigh. I can be so foolish sometimes.

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Here i am, sipping lukewarm coffee, paging through the supply catalogs. Where the hell was Mustang? Part of this order I'm supposed to be sharing with chemistry but no, he was nowhere to be seen. I needed to get Benedict's solution and Biuret's but i have to know if he needed some too.

Oh the hell with him. There's skinned cats and sheep's eyes to buy. I should have them delivered to Mustang's office while he's there sleeping, as if we don't know what it means when his lab coat is covering the glass in his office door. Wonder if i can get Elric to paint Mustang with methylene blue while he's napping.

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