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sternmommy's Journal

Study or else
17 June
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Your Name: Dana

Email Address: connorswhip at yahoo dot com

IM Contact (if you want to provide): crazycat_41397 at YIM

Character’s Name: Riza Hawkeye

Character’s LJ: sternmommy

Character’s Age at Time of Appearance through the Portal: late 20’s

Character’s Appearance: long dirty blond hair often worn flipped up in a clip, brown eyes, athletic and nicely busomed.

Items the Military Specifically Confiscated from this Character: guns, probably several

What Universe This Character is From :Fullmetal Alchemist
General History: Riza was raised by an alchemist, fell for another one and followed him into the military. She’s a sharp shooter. Very loyal (though at this point would probably not remember that or even to whom), and very brave, she’s got a cool head on her shoulders. She’s not easy to rattle. Currently teaching life sciences. She bears signs of her ex-Goth life on her back, a massive spooky tattoo ruined with scars.

Anything else you think the other players need to know? (i.e., links to information on the character, pictures of the character, etc.)

Reference site for Riza

Another Reference site for Riza